Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to do next

I'm not sure what I want to tackle next.  It seems like it might be a good idea to start on a second pair of jeans, snce right now it is all fresh in my head, but I also need a pair of slacks and I have that pretty blue pinstripe.  I also found a couple of shirt patterns that I had forgotten I had bought.

I really like the lines of the short sleeve version of this top.  A lot of the versions are more than a bit fussy, but I like the lacing detail on the back.

This pattern is a lot like a shirt I have, that I really love except it doesn't quite fit like it should.  My store bought version is too short in the bust, so the gathers hit a bit high on me. 
I would definitely have to alter the button placket, since I don't like that split look at the bottom.

What do you think?  Jeans?  Slacks?  A shirt? Something else entirely?

In non-sewing news of the day, Saturday was bath day for my cats.  Neither of them are happy.

I seem to have developed an allergy to Ferret, the white and grey one, and I am hoping that regular bathing will make it so I can pet her without itching for hours afterwards.


  1. I like those tops. Have you had luck with the New Look patterns? I tried to make a New Look dress when I first started sewing again, and it was a wadder. I've been avoiding any other New Look patterns.

    And LOVE the wet cat pics!

  2. I haven't used a New Look pattern yet. I bought these a while back because they happened to be styles I really liked and they were cheap. Just looking at the finished garment measurements, I can see that they build in too much ease for my taste, but that can be fixed.

    I tend not to use commercial patterns very often because I have to do so many alterations. It gets frustrating. Now that I am trying to do more everyday clothing instead of formal wear and costumes, I am trying to use patterns more, but it remains to be seen how that will work out.