Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A few sketches of things on my to-do list. I downloaded the croquis templates here.

I always wish I had more time to sew, but with working full time and commuting more than 10 hours a week, I never have quite enough time.

In Progress

  • Corset for B
  • Frilly apron set*
  • Pink tweed spats*
  • Jeans!
  • Duct Tape Double

*I consider these to be in progress because I prewashed the fabric over the weekend, not because I have done any actual work on them

Not yet started

  • Pin-stripe slacks
  • Pin-stripe pencil skirt
  • Gold exotic corset from Jill Salen book for L
  • Under-bust corset for M
  • Gold exotic corset from Jill Salen book for me
  • Another pin-stripe waist-cincher to replace the one that is becoming to big
  • Button down shirt for the office (possibly with french cuffs)
  • To Be Decided Fanime costume for B
  • To Be Decided Fanime costume for me
  • Vest styled corset top

Can you tell I have a fondness for pinstripes? I have a tendency to pick up interesting pin stripe slacks from the thrift store, even if they don’t fit, if they look like they have enough fabric to be useable. My original pin stripe cincher was made from a pair of thrifted slacks.

Have I mentioned that I am kind of slow? I see other bloggers cranking out garments every week and I am more likely to take 2-3 weeks or even months to finish something moderately complicated. I think this list will have me busy through the end of the year, and beyond.


  1. If you accidentally make the clothes in my size instead of yours I totally won't complain.

  2. I still need to take your measurements.

    I saw something on etsy that inspired me, so now this list is longer. A corset belt, that, of course, I want to do totally differently. I need to sketch it out so I can get a concrete idea of what I want as well as possible variations.

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