Tuesday, April 12, 2011

seam rippers

Over the weekend I bought myself a new seam ripper.  Not because mine was dull or worn out, but because I had lost it.  For some reason I can’t seem to hold on to a seam ripper for more than a project or two.  They just disappear, and then I revert to using a sewing pin and a pair of embroider scissors to rip out stitches.  With all of the basting and ripping I did on the jeans, I found myself wishing very strongly for a seam ripper, so I gave in and bought the cheapest one I could find.

I know it will only be around for a month… maybe two.

Is there anything you constantly have to replace because you just can't seem to hold onto it?  I suppose there must be a seam ripper graveyard somewhere in my apartment...


  1. OMG, you only have one seam ripper?! How do you live? You should have at least three. Preferably half a dozen or so. One next to your machine, one on your ironing board, one in your sewing box.. if you have a cup or anything that you keep sewing tools in, you need one there too. Actually one for every cup-like item that you keep sewing tools in. If you get the cheap Dritz ones from CS/Wawak they're like 50 cents apiece. I have a better one too, but that's never the one I can find. I should probably buy another couple of good ones.

  2. I thought about buying a nice one that would match my awl (I can't think of the brand, but they have nice pink handles), but it just seemed like too big a risk. :)

    Honestly, even when I have a seam ripper, I am so used to my straight pin and embroidery scissors method, that I forget to grab it, and I always have a pin and scissors at hand.