Friday, July 29, 2011

New hobby...sort of

I have taken up a new hobby... sort of.

I say "sort of" because I am still making wearable items.  Hats, corsets, little brooches, and such, but I am not adding LIGHT.  It isn't nearly as hard as I expected it to be, and I will post pictures of what I have made at some point, maybe.  Here is a picture of the el-wire that I soldered.

I was shocked by how easy it was.  el-wire is a great starter project with a big payoff.  This is 20 feet of pink light up awesomeness.  About 3 feet of it is going on a mini top hat.  Who knows where the rest of it will go.

I'm thinking about posting my mini-top hat pattern.  Would anyone be interested in that?  It is pretty easy, although since it is hand sewn, it takes a few hours to make.  It turns out pretty darn cute, though.