Monday, March 3, 2014

Resin and Glitter!

I love resin crafting.  It is the perfect craft for me right now because it has a relatively short active phase, and it lets me play out my creativity in a way that is difficult o do in glass, my other favorite jewelry art.  Here is a pendant I just wore for the first time.  I really love the subtle gradations of color in the glitter, and it is so incredibly sparkly that it makes me happy to wear it.  The bail slipped while the adhesive was drying, but it isn't very noticeable when I am wearing it.
One thing I really love about this pendant is that it is easy to dress up or down.  It looks great on a chain, but it also works on a cord, which is how I wore it yesterday.

I'm trying to improve my photography skills.  Feel free to give me any tips.