Friday, April 15, 2011

Stage Fright?

My plan is to wear my new jeans to work today.  I’ve never worn something I made to the office, and I am a bit nervous about it.  What if they look ‘homemade’ in a My Mom Made My Clothes  sort of way?  What if, for the first time ever, something I made just falls apart?  What if, despite prewashing the fabric, the color starts rubbing off on everything and I leave a blue trail on everything I touch?  Let’s try to be rational here.  If I can make a corset that can give me an almost 6 inch reduction and not fall apart, I should be able to make a stable pair of jeans.  

Really, I am just nervous about opening myself up for criticism.  Lots of my coworkers already think I am a bit odd, although not necessarily in a bad way.  I did tell everyone when I took that fire spinning class.  Sewing your own clothes is a bit of an oddball hobby these days.  I don’t think anything calls these out as being handmade, and I need to get used to the idea since I am planning on making myself some slacks and a shirt or two for work.  

In sewing related news, I am totally lusting after this pattern from Wearing History .  Sadly, I don’t know that I can fit it into my budget just now, but hopefully before summer.  I think the outfit would be adorable at the beach, and the skirt would also make great office wear.  I also love the bathing suit in this vintagepattern , but of course it has already sold.


  1. The great thing about jeans is that nobody ever considers that they could be made at home. People imagine dresses and pajamas being made at home, but there's this belief that jeans can only be made in a factory. If someone doesn't sew much, it never seems to occur to them that jeans could be made in someone's living room. Jeans were actually one of the first things that I made. And they were crummy and amateurish.. but people assumed that if I could make jeans, I must be an expert.

  2. I definitely came up against that attitude. I got a lot of "You're making jeans?! Wow, you must be good." When I tell people I make corsets, they rarely give me that reaction. I don't understand why jeans are so special.