Saturday, April 23, 2011

In which I actually did something instead of just thinking about it.

I started making the pattern alterations to 6621.  I decided to cut the size 14 and add a bit where needed instead of cutting the size 16 and taking a bunch out.  he good news is that with some tissue fitting I figured out that I won't need to alter the sleeve opening, since is fits as it is designed.  I am comparing the pattern a RTW shirt that I love that is a very similar style.  So far I ave added an inch to the length of the top front, and inch to the length of the bottom front, 1/4 inch at the side front bottom (hips space, you know), and straightened out the ugly (in my opinion) curved button placket.  I tried to take pictures, but since I am making my alterations in pencil on newsprint paper, I can't get it to show up on camera. 

I still need to make the changes to the back piece and the front band, then I should be able to sew up a quick muslin and check the fit. I have a feeling I will need to add a bit more at the hips and maybe a touch more length, since most  big 3 patterns are drafted way too short for me.

I probably could ave gotten more done, but I decided that I desperately needed to paint my nails...

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