Friday, May 6, 2011

Why I sew

Sewing can be a lot of work.  It can be frustrating and annoying and sometimes I have things I would rather be doing.  I know it may be sacrilege, but my idea of an awesome Friday night isn't sitting at home with my Kenmore and a pile of fabric pieces.  On the other hand, I do enjoy the process of turning yardage into a finished garment.  I like the challenge of taking an idea and making it reality, particularly when I do almost every step myself.

The real reason I sew though, is because I know I can create something myself, exactly the way I want it, for a lot less money than I could buy it.  Yup, I'm cheap, and I'm not ashamed of it.

Let's pretend this picture isn't blurry, ok?

Take this outfit.  I made the corset and the hat, and the skirt and shirt are from the thrift store.  I happen to think it looks pretty darn good, and by making the corset and hat I saved myself easily $200.  Keep in mind, I am not trying to say that sewing is cheap.  For most everyday garments, you can spend more to make them yourself than to buy them off the rack at Kohl's or Old Navy.  Fabric and supplies aren't cheap.  However, if you want a really good fit, you can save money learning to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.

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