Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Jewelry

An array of bits and bobs that haven't been finished yet

I have a bunch of pieces in process, but none quite ready for Etsy.  Resin casting a a reasonably quick process, but the finishing can take a lot of time.  Sanding can be very time consuming, but it makes such an unbelievable difference in the appearance and comfort of the finished piece.

I've also been working on more pieces that aren't resin centered.  I just posted a crocheted endless necklace. I have made a few different ones for myself, but this is the first I have posted.  I wear mine a lot.  The fibromyalgia makes my skin very sensitive and a lot of the time chains are irritating or painful.  The fiber necklaces are so lightweight that they don't bother my skin.
Did I mention it can also be worn as a bracelet?

I also posted the first of my glitter necklaces.  These are so fun and sparkly! These are tubing that is chock full of glitter and can be made in custom colors or blends.  The magnetic clasp is so convenient, particularly when my hands aren't quite working right.

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