Monday, March 28, 2011

...and away we go

I was talking to my best friend today, while we carpooled home from work about meeting new people. We both have a hard time talking to new people and today she came up with theory of why that is so, which I thought was rather ingenious. I want to talk about what I spend time doing, but what I spend my time doing is sewing, crafting, and reading about sewing a crafting. I really love talking about it and have spent hours discussing new patterns or my latest triumphs, but most people aren’t nearly so interested in the minutia of pattern drafting or millinery. I can’t count the number of times I have seen someone’s eyes glaze over when I mention sewing, or worse yet the condescending , “Oh, you *craft*”. So I feel that one of my favorite topics of conversation is largely off the table, making conversation a bit more difficult.

That is why I am starting a sewing blog. There are people out there who actually want to talk about sewing, crafting, and making!

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